Our unique reading program offers a different approach to learning to read.

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Learning Works! Tutoring was founded by Kathy Brown. During 24 years in the classroom, Kathy created a unique reading program that helps learners who are struggling to read. The program is phonetic with visual "tricks" to make sounding out unfamiliar words easy. This time proven program has helped many students raise their reading levels 6 months to a full year or more in just a few months.   

Our Expertise

Because of the unique approach, when used in a kindergarten classroom, most of  the kindergartners tested at a 2nd grade reading level and often there were 5 or 6 students at a 3rd grade reading level or kindergarten!  As testimonials support, this same program is being used for one on one tutoring at Learning Works! Tutoring with great success. Students who entered our program as total nonreaders and were diagnosed as severely dyslexic made amazing progress in just a few months. We often raise reading scores  6 months to more than a year in only 3 months.  Our secret is a reading program that uses phonetic (fun) "tricks" to make neural connections to the phonemes ("chunks" of sounds that make up words).

Personalized Lessons

We offer one-on-one reading/language arts and math tutoring for elementary students. We also offer cognitive brain training to develop focus and memory.  Our brain training program is the one used worldwide by doctors for ADD/ADHD and memory issues due to injury or developmental causes.  It creates neural connections to improve executive functioning by exercising 22 different cognitive skills including focused attention, visual memory, auditory memory and working memory.  Many students who have comprehension difficulties have weaknesses in one or more of these executive functioning areas.

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Every student has unique needs for support. Tell us more about what you are hoping a tutor can do for you, and we will start on a plan to help you get what you need.

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